The blog

As a researcher in an interdisciplinary field, and generally curious person I tend to run into interesting and sometimes exotic problems challenges. In this blog I want to shout my solutions to these challenges out into the world, hoping for some feedback. So if you have a question, or a better solution, or just want to chat with someone with similar interests, I am always happy if you drop me an email.


I got my Master’s degree in computer science from the Technical University Kaiserslautern with a focus on machine learning. Currently, I am a teacher and PhD student at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen - a university of applied sciences in Gießen (Germany) - where I study the benefits of the language Modelica for the modeling of complex biological systems.

For me, a good day is a day where I learned something new. Therefore I tend to have quite a large pile of side projects both related to my work and my personal interests.

In this blog you may read stories from both my research and my spare time.